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Intake of pupils and students into the school is generally done at the beginning of the academic year, in September. However, admissions may take place mid-stream as the need arises.

All children of school-going age are eligible for admission. In the Nursery Department, children aged two years and above may be admitted. Similarly, depending on the situation, admission may be offered to pupils and students who seek admission into various classes of the school after they have written an entrance examination based on the level of the child. Parents and guardians seeking admissions for their children and wards can visit either of the two campuses of the school for further details and other pertinent information.


Parents and guardians are offered flexible terms of payment of school fees. All fees are to be settled by the fifth week of commencement of each term. If for some reasons a parent or guardian is hard put to meet the dead line, he or she can call at the office of the Proprietress to see what could be done about it. The following office lines are always open to would-be parents and guardians for the purpose.

030 294 2039 / 024 326 4524 / 056 060 9462

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