Going on an excursion is a wonderful experience especially when there is a learning period with it. As was the excursion, I     embarked on which was on the 6th of March 2023 which happened to be the 66th anniversary of Ghana’s independence.

            At 5:00 a melodious tune played out of my alarm clock. It was supposed to irk me to the point of being awake. I moved sluggishly to the bathroom, the moment the pail of cold water touched me, all signs of previous sleepiness left me.

              At 7:23, I had arrived at school with my brothers. In tow. We took a seat and waited for the bus .At 7:30, we were led by our esteemed headmistress, Mrs. Josephine Thompson, (Popularly known as Aunty Josephine by the students) to pray. By 7:35 we were on the road chatting, gossiping, gisting (or however you want to call it) all the way. The grade two students took pleasure in asking “Are we there yet?” and completed on whose whiny house voice was the best. It irked us to the bone.

             At the Accra zoo, we were surprised but delighted to find that we were the first school to arrive. We had a personalized tour with the tour guide, Gordon Asamoah.  We met many eye- licking sites such as the white tailed and white nosed monkey that live between 30 and 35 years ,geese which amazingly can act as guards better than dogs because of they are noisier and can hurt someone to the point of death! We also found that the giant turtle can live up to three hundred years of age! While we were looking at the zebra, the donkey was braying as if calling for attention. It made us laugh. At the end of the tour, we saw a boy holding a snake around his neck. He looked really scared. Finally, we were released to the funfair ground. First, we had our snack and dispersed to do our various activities which consisted of snooker, table tennis, archery, trampoline, bouncing castle, hula hoop and many more. I took part in the table tennis and archery. I found out it is not as easy as it looks. By 3:00 we had left the zoo. As we went to our various homes, we sang jama songs. I had a mixture of feelings.

    When it was time to go, but eventually I adjusted to going home.6th March 2023 will forever remain in my heart as a Red letter day 

                                                                By Maame – Serwaah Nyamekye Baah

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