About School

As a school, this great institution has come a long way to be associated with the changing trends throughout its existence. Established in 2005 AD it was originally meant to be a pre-school to cater for the educational needs of the little children within the local community. As the years rolled by, however, parents saw the need for the school to upgrade itself into a mainstream basic institution. Apparently, those parents recognized the potential of the school as a major sound academic and moral dispensing source. Since then Notredame International School has now come to hold its own among the names of educational giants.

we aim to

  • Provide affordable quality education through high academic performance.

  • Bring up a well-disciplined child with God-fearing spirit

  • Inculcate in the child sound leadership behaviour


The mission of the school is to develop the mental, social, moral and spiritual capacities of children by providing them with affordable quality education and guidance in order for them to reach their full potential.


Our vision is to be leading school with excellent academic performance. In our attempt to live up to our motto “A QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE”
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