Did you know that of all the common words in the English language, only FACETIOUS and ABSTEMIOUS contain the five vowels arranged in their correct order : a, e, i, o, u ?


Did you also know that the word MAD in English means the same as ‘DAM in Akan?

DAM is MAD read from right to left.


What about SYZYGY ?

What is queer about this word? Did you notice the THREE Ys in alternate positions?

What other words have similar arrangement of the letter Y ?


And do you not check these other words: pea, bee, tea, pee.  Each of them contains exactly three letters. What is strange about them and possibly many others like them is that each is pronounced exactly as each first letter. And QUEUE IS EVEN STRANGER. It contains five letters and is pronounced as its first letter.

By: Lolynda Seyram Ocloo


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