Drug abuse is common among young people these days. When we take a drug without a prescription we call it drug abuse.  Prescription is normally done by a doctor.  If a person takes a drug without prescription, it may result in an overdose. Some people take drugs that are not prescribed by a doctor. Some of these drugs are cigarettes, marijuana, alcoholic beverages, coffee, valium, and madras.

Drugs could be in the form of pills, tablets, injections, liquids, leaves, powder, etc.

Drug abuse is caused by a lot of factors.  First, drug users can lure their friends into drugs.

Poor parental control allows boys and girls to use drugs.

The effects of drug abuse on people are many. People become mad. Some die and others get accidents.  Drug abuse is a very bad thing that teenagers and other young people practise.

Drugs that have not been prescribed can be very harmful.

So, I would like everybody to follow my advice and not practise drug abuse.


By: Cheryl Ansah-Arthur

Primary 5

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