I woke up amnesiac and wounded on a deserted beach. The only clue I have to my identity is DAVID X11 tattoed on my chest and the key to my vault. Though my memory has let me down, I found out that I have the reflexes of a highly – trained professional combatant. I set off in search to remember my past, discovering the path I played in demolishing my country and tracing the biggest conspiracy ever known in the world.

I set off with me with the only three people I have memory off which are; General Grant, Jane and Foster. On our way we came across a lot of people who tried to kill me but Officer Jones killed all of them all. We reached to an armor convenient store and bought a mask, some grenades and two prototype machine guns. We set off to a casino club. General Carrington gave me information about the man which I was accused and framed of killing but I didn’t remember even aiming a gun at her. Then I started having some flashbacks of a lady torturing a bald man.

I asked general Grant about the lady. He immediately recognized the bald man. He told me the man was a ruthless killer who hunts famous people during a conspiracy. Until his contract is fulfilled, nothing will stand in his way. He also conducts the conspiracy that assassinated the president. We went to the beer bar in the casino, and when we turned our heads three men holding guns saying “THE CONSPIRACY “. They tied us to our chairs and then made phone calls to some guy nicknamed the mongoose as what I heard. They started attacking me. General grant was able to free himself and untie officer Carrington. They withdrew their guns and killed them all. They said “WE FIGHT WITH HONOUR AND INTEGRITY, NO HUMAN ON THIS EARTH CAN BRING US DOWN”. We heard some people coming and hid in trashcans. These people carried the trashcans and put them in a submarine on the coast. They were heading to some remote island. We removed the trash cans and here were two bulky and muscular men guarding the exit route to their operating room. We attacked them from behind, clutching their necks and making them fall unconscious. We took off their clothes and exchanged them with ours then put them in the garbage cans. We entered and all we saw was one computer and a server and grenade. Immediately general Carrington knew who was behind this a ruthless killer known as the matador.

By Kwabena Okyere Boakye P.6

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