There was once a goat named Opapo. Opapo was a billy-goat.he was very naughty and haughty. He did not obey his mother and he did not respect anybody either.

One day, when Opapo went to the riverside to drink water a large crocodile seized his legs in his very powerful jaws. Opapoi screamed in pain, but none of his friends was able to save him. They stood there and watched him as the crocodile tried to pull him under the water. Then a group of hippopotami came to the rescue. Each hippopotamus kicked the crocodile’s face hard with his hoof. The crocodile could not survive the kicks. He died and the billy-goat was saved.

From that day onwards Opapo the billy goat obeyed his mother and respected all other people.


By Sefakor Mawudzro

Primary 5

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