Did you know that of all the common words in the English language, only FACETIOUS and ABSTEMIOUS contain the five vowels arranged in their correct order : a, e, i, o, u ?   Did you also know that the word MAD in English means the same as ‘DAM...

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Ghana Day

Ghana Day was held to signify Ghana’s independence Day celebration. During the programme, the children wore dresses that portrayed the different cultures we have in Ghana. A lecture on our liberation of freedom in Ghana was held and the children sung patriotic songs to reaffirm their commitment to the...

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Excursion to Burma Camp

The excursion was at the open day of the military force on the 7th March 2017. Such trips help the children to explore other environments outside school , to expose the children to career opportunities and also bridge the gap between civilians and the military Hence. Some of the...

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